Consulting & Policy Advice

Van Meurs Energy a leading international consulting firm focused on upstream oil and gas policies. We provide our consulting services to governments and national oil and gas companies on a wide range of resource policy matters. We help countries design commercia and fiscal terms for oil and gas in order to attract investments, maximize benefits to the nations and manage hydrocarbon resources in an optimal way. Van Meurs Energy is a trusted partner and has provided these services to more than 90 governments over the lasts 47 years.

We also assist small companies to get oriented on international business and select investment opportunities, where this does not constitute a conflict of interest with our government clients.

We assist governments with:
  • Design of the commercial and fiscal terms of petroleum laws, regulations, contracts and licenses and working with legal drafting teams to incorporate such terms in the respective documents,
  • Implementation assistance in administering the upstream petroleum industry,
  • International benchmarking of the competitive position of the commercial and fiscal oil and gas terms of the jurisdiction,
  • Preparation of licensing rounds and evaluation of bid results,
  • Negotiations with petroleum companies interested in inesting in the jurisdiction or contract renegotiations, and
  • Preparing and designing upstream petroleum policies and contributing to overall energy policies.
  • Advice on the impact of climate change and renewals on the petroleum industry

Please contact us to request a proposal and learn more how we can provide the required services. In many cases we are prepared to visit the government at our own expense for discussions about a possible consulting project.

Dr. Van Meurs was the main author of the extensive policy document published by the Government of Canada in 1972 , called an" An Energy Policy for Canada". In 2008 he published "Maximizing the Value of Government Revenues from Upstream Pangements under High Oil Prices". This was a detailed guide as to how governments could benefit from the high priceenvironment at the time.

Report on Fiscal Strategies Under Low Oil Price and Climate Change

In 2016 the world changed dramatically with the collapse of the oil price and the adoption of the climate change agreement. As a result a detailed report was published called "Government Fiscal Strategies under Low Oil Prices and Climate Change".