Van Meurs Energy* provides services in the upstream oil and gas industry with respect to consulting, training and expert witness in arbitration. We provide access to databases and a world fiscal model, expert reports and publications and evaluate the impact of climate change and renewals on the petroleum industry.

Dr. Pedro Van Meurs started his consulting firm in Canada on January 1, 1974 providing services in upstream oil and gas economics and fiscal systems. During the last 47 years, he has provided these advisory services to governments of more than 90 jurisdictions as well as companies, accounting firms and other organizations and by being expert witness during arbitrations. For more than 37 years he has provided renowned public and in-house training courses in petroleum economics and fiscal systems. Over the years a detailed World Fiscal Model was developed and large databases were created available for online services.

Alexey Kovshin has strong international oil and gas expertise in database management, fiscal economic modeling, preparing expert reports and has provided services for Somalia, Colombia, China, Lebanon, and Russia. From 2016-2018, he was an EY Global Oil and Gas Tax Sector Resident located in Dubai. He joined Van Meurs Energy to expand and continuously update the databases, world fiscal model, the fiscal rating of oil and gas and to provide courses in advanced petroleum economic modelling.

*Van Meurs Energy is the trade name for Van Meurs Corporation, Van Meurs Y Asociados S.A and Van Meurs Consultores S.A.


Dr. Pedro Van Meurs

President and Senior Expert


Alexey Kovshin

Expert, Oil and Gas Fiscal Advisor