The following is an overview table of all projects and description of main projects with respect to assistance to governments (and state owned companies).


North America

Alberta, Alaska, British Columbia, Canada (Federal), Mexico, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, P.E. Island, Quebec, St. Pierre et Miquelon, Western Arctic and United States (Federal)


Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks & Caicos

Latin America

Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela

Europe and CIS

Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan


Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinee-Bissao, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire

Middle East

Iraq (MOO), Jordan, Kurdistan Regional Gov, Kuwait, Neutral Zone, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia


Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam


Fiji, Papua/New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu


Brief description of projects carried out by Van Meurs, Van Meurs Corporation (VMC), Van Meurs Y Asociados S.A. and until 2001 its Canadian company Van Meurs & Associates Limited (VMAL), in alphabetical order.


Van Meurs was from 2003 – 2006 the main consultant involved with the Government of the State of Alaska for the restructuring of fiscal terms for North Slope oil. The consultant was main economic advisor for the State of Alaska on the $ 20 billion gas export pipeline project under Governor Frank Murkowski. He was lead consultant on the recent introduction of the new PPT law, the new Alaska fiscal system. The new PPT resulted in a very significant increase in government revenues for Alaska.


Van Meurs was in 2007 chief advisor to the Government of the Province of Alberta for the review of the Alberta royalties. The Government of Alberta adopted in detail his recommendations for conventional oil and gas, heavy oils and coal bed methane. This is the largest change in royalties in Alberta during the last 30 years. The change resulted in a significant simplification of the royalty system. Also under the new system prolific conventional oil and gas wells are charged a higher royalty, while the production of heavy oil and coal bed methane is being encouraged.


Van Meurs Corporation (VMC) was senior economic advisor to the Minister of Mines and Energy in Algeria for the implementation of the new hydrocarbon law including the Petroleum Revenue Tax in 2005-2006. He was as well advisor with respect to the MEDGAZ gas export pipeline to Spain and the GTL project.


Van Meurs & Associates Limited (VMAL) participated at various times in projects in Bangladesh (1984 through 1993) involving a variety of activities. Assistance was provided in the development of a new model production sharing contract, which resulted in attracting new interest in exploration in the country. The contract needed to be developed for the specific environment of a "gas prone" area, which required new and innovative clauses.

In 2007, VMC assisted in the preparation for a new offshore bidding round.


VMAL assisted Bolivia during 1985 - 86 with respect to the evaluation of the petroleum contracts and fiscal system. A review of the feasibility of an export gas pipeline to Brazil and a survey of the potential Brazilian market for Bolivian gas were carried out. During 1993 an in depth economic analysis of the petroleum fiscal system of Bolivia was completed and a number of fundamental changes to the fiscal provisions were recommended.

During the period 1994 - 1996 VMAL was the main consulting firm with respect to the introduction of a new Hydrocarbon Law and the associated regulations. In 1997 VMAL organized the nominations for new areas which resulted in a highly successful bidding round of 34 blocks.

VMAL was one of the key advisors in the capitalization of YPFB, resulting in investment commitments of $ 800 million as well as the negotiation of export gas sales contracts and the negotiation of the Bolivia-Brazil pipeline.


Assistance was provided between 1976 and 1984 in the negotiation of a land claims settlement covering the entire Beaufort- Mackenzie Region in order to protect the interests of the local aboriginal people, the Inuvialuit. The negotiations resulted setting up a special land regime, very significant cash transfers and the establishment of preferential and exclusive hunting and trapping rights. Also a special environmental review process for the Arctic areas was created. The land claims settlement was concluded in 1984. Subsequently, important concessions with Esso and Shell were negotiated on aboriginal lands. These concessions brought significant benefits in terms of local employment and local business opportunities and income to the aboriginal people. Dr. Van Meurs was President of IPC, a successful Alberta oil and company owned by the Inuvialuit. VMAL assisted in the creation of unique programs for the improvement in education of aboriginal people.


VMAL delivered extensive petroleum services to CNOOC, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (1980 - 1984). Assistance was provided in the development of the petroleum law, the model production sharing contract and the accounting procedures which were used for the first offshore bidding round. The first offshore bidding round was prepared and the development of bid evaluation criteria and bid evaluation procedures established. This first bidding round resulted in very onsiderable interest from the petroleum industry.


VMC assisted PETROCI in Cote d’Ivoire on a project to revise the petroleum law, create a gas master plan and launch a new offshore bidding round.


VMAL assisted Equatorial Guinea in its renegotiation of its contract with Mobil (now ExxonMobil) when it became apparent that this contract was not in the interest of the country.


VMAL carried out several projects in Gabon. During 1984 - 87, assistance was provided for the development of production sharing contracts in Gabon. The PARCA Model and associated training was provided. Various other training programs were carried out. During 1991 - 1992, VMAL participated in the petroleum diagnostic study which consisted of an in-depth review of the petroleum industry in Gabon and particularly the payments to government. The review resulted in the recommendation of various changes in administration, which were implemented. Forecasts of government petroleum income for the next five years were provided and assistance was given in the review of oil price determination procedures and accounting procedures.


VMAL assisted in the complete review and overhaul of the petroleum legislation and administration in Guatemala (1975 - 1980). A new petroleum law was introduced and adopted. A highly successful bidding round resulted in the granting of five blocks and the drilling of more than 15 new exploration wells, resulting in the discovery of several new oil fields. The Guatemalan petroleum administration was developed and trained. VMAL organized the supervision and cost control of the construction of the main export oil pipeline, which turned Guatemala into and exporter of oil.


VMAL carried out an economic assessment of the oil and gas fields of Hungary and assisted in the development of terms and conditions for possible production sharing contracts with the national oil company OKGT (1990 - 1992). VMAL assisted in the drafting of these contracts and the subsequent licenses. Extensive training was provided to the management of OKGT in petroleum economics and decision making techniques, including the delivery of the PARCA software.


Special training seminars in world fiscal systems for oil and gas for Iraq Ministry of Oil, in Amman, Jordan, in May 2005, sponsored by WesternOilSands and by CWC, London.


Van Meurs has been from 1998 – now, chief advisor on a project for ODC with respect to the determination of fiscal terms for the North Kuwait oil fields for a possible service contract. This service contract rates as the most advanced service contract in the world and would specifically deal with the enhanced recovery of oil in these multi-billion barrel fields.


VMC was the lead economic advisor of the Multiple Services Contract Project of PEMEX, related to the 2003 bidding round in the Burgos non- associated gas area. These contracts were the very first contract with international oil companies executed in Mexico.

VMC was also the main contractor for the new draft fiscal law for PEMEX in 2001 and subsequently in 2007. This law was implemented and has created an entirely new fiscal structure for PEMEX with the objective to provide a more efficient framework for the investments by PEMEX.

In 2007 VMC contributed furthermore to the design of the Reform Package in Mexico in order to facilitate private investment in the upstream petroleum industry. This reform was passed in 2008. VMC designed also the 2009 model contract. In 2014 VMC assisted in the PEMEX migration of the service contracts to production sharing contracts.


VMAL provided extensive assistance to the Government of the Province of Newfoundland between 1974 - 1980. Assistance was provided in drafting the provincial petroleum legislation and development the provincial fiscal system. VMAL analyzed and reviewed possible arrangements for revenue sharing and joint administration between the Government of Canada and the Province of Newfoundland. Assistance was provided in the negotiations of the first round of licensing in the offshore areas. A petroleum economics department was set up and extensive training was provided.


VMC was lead advisor on the reform of the petroleum law (2008- 2011), called the Petroleum Industry Bill, and the revision of the production sharing contracts. VMC has also provided extensive training courses to NNPC and the professionals of the Government of Nigeria. VMC assisted the Minister of Petroleum in trying to pass the Bill.

In 2016-17 Van Meurs y Asociados (VMYA) is assisting Nigeria on the petroleum institutions bill and oil and gas policy documents.


VMC assisted PDO in the development of the small fields risk service contracts and VMYA was assisting PDO in 2016 in the development of a heavy oil service contract.


VMAL assisted in a number of projects in Pakistan. This included the reorganization of the petroleum legislation and reorientation of the petroleum agreements in Pakistan. As a result of the changes, Pakistan, has seen a rather active petroleum development in the country. Extensive training programs and seminars were provided on petroleum issues for government officials as well as the national oil company OGDC. Economic evaluations were carried of the Toot oil field and the Pirkoh gas field. VMAL was involved in the restructuring of the fiscal terms for the offshore areas.


In 2016 and 2017 VMC is assisting Peru in the development of a new royalty system.


In 2012 VMC assisted the Government of Poland in the design of the fiscal terms for shale gas.


VMAL provided advice to the Government of Russia with respect to the drafting of the Law on Concessions and Production Sharing Contracts. Petroleum software was provided to the tax committee. In 2012 VMC assisted the Government of Russia in the design of the offshore fiscal terms.


VMAL assisted in the reorganization of the fiscal system and petroleum legislation in Trinidad and Tobago (1991 - 1993), which resulted in the adoption of a new version of the Supplementary Petroleum Tax, adjustments in the corporate income tax, and other fiscal provisions. The adjustments resulted in significant new interest by foreign petroleum companies in the country. Comprehensive training programs for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago were provided.

VMC assisted evaluating bid results for the new offshore blocks and recently reviewed in 2005 – 2006 the SPT legislation. VMC assistend in the preparation for the 2009 and 2010 bidding rounds.


VMAL provided major assistance with respect to the revision of the petroleum law and the related fiscal system. The Thai system was changed drastically with the key objective of making smaller oil and gas fields more economically attractive. An innovative new system was developed that provided a direct incentive to drilling new wells. As a result of the changes, there has been a strong increase in drilling activity in the country. Intensive training was provided to a wide variety of government officials. An in-depth economic evaluation of the remaining petroleum potential in Thailand was carried out.

In 2016, VMYA was assisting Thailand in the possible introduction of PSCs and service contracts.