Van Meurs Energy has an extensive and detailed fiscal model that simulates more than 600 petroleum fiscal systems in the world in more than 160 countries. The use of this model is made available for subscribers. The cost of the yearly subscription is US $9,900.

You can select a particular fiscal system of a particular country or a series of fiscal systems used in the same or different countries. Each fiscal system provides all the inputs necessary to simulate such systems, such as possible royalties, income taxes, production sharing, resource taxes, carried interest participation, and more.

You can also select one or more typical field cash flows containing producation data for oil and gas, capital and operating expenditures, discount rates, inflation and escalation rates, assumptions about geological risk, etc. You can also submit your own field data. For each existing fiscal system that you want to enter in the model a summary description of fiscal terms is provided. CONTACT US to subscribe to this service.

If you want to test out fiscal terms of your own design, you can submit your own fiscal terms on a confidential basis. If the specific fiscal terms you require contain features not yet available in the model, we will program such features in at no costs under a confidentiality agreement.

Selecting various fiscal and field input combinations will permit you to create any type of oil and gas cash flows. The World Fiscal Model is the ideal tool for governments to do comparative studies to determine the competitiveness of existing or proposed fiscal terms. It is also highly useful for investors to determine the profitability of the proposed projects or possible changes in fiscal terms during negotiations.

If you want to do complex and comprehensive studies we provide a special introductory course in the use of the model. CONTACT US for a proposal.